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Sawri is shattered and walks away. Daksh`s aunt accuses Saloni also of having trapped a rich man in spite of her dark complexion, and imparting the same values to her daughter! Daksh defends Saloni and asserts that she means the world to Rajveer and him. His aunt leaves the function in a huff! Saloni tells Sawri that others will also see her beauty when she herself realises how beautiful she is. Daksh comes then and tells Sawri that for him she`s the most beautiful girl! Meanwhile, Kaveri refuses to attend Sawri and Shweta`s wedding the next day, so Samar yells at her and accuses her of imparting the same qualities in Kamini also. Samar goes to Saloni`s house and gives the gifts on behalf of the girls` uncle. Just then, Kaveri comes there and regrets her misdeeds. She apologises to Saloni, her in-laws and Samar. Saloni dresses up her daughters and then goes to be with the grooms. The wedding rituals begin, and Saloni asks Tara and Brijesh to give the brides away in marriage. Just then, Gurumaa walks in with Amrit, and Bhabho asks Saloni and Amrit to give the daughters away in marriage. Saloni and Amrit are hesitant but Gurumaa and others urge them to go ahead. Saloni then requests Amrit to fulfil the responsibility of a father. The wedding rituals are complete, and Saloni blesses her daughters for a happy married life!